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The recent changes in Medicare are going to have profound effects on therapy. Managing COT OMRAs, therapy caps and the MPPR can be overwhelming. Only the most efficient providers are going to thrive. You must focus on efficiency and productivity.

TheraStat has been completely redesigned to work in this new environment. From planning to recording therapy, TheraStat is the most innovative and efficient system you've ever seen. Schedule a demo today and find out what everyone else will be trying to do next year.

We've made the process as simple as possible. We understand that you must minimize the time your therapists spend interacting with your therapy system, but also need protection and guidance to insure compliance and efficiency.

We're making sure that therapy is provided in the most efficient way possible while requiring the absolute minimum of your most precious resource: your therapists' time.

The Process

Step 1 - Evaluations and Treatment Plans

Everything starts with the evaluation and creation of a treatment plan. Recording an evaluation using TheraStat is a simple process. We don't ask therapists for information that isn't absolutely necessary. TheraStat will make suggestions based on the information that is already entered to help speed the process along as well as cover your bases come audit time. We want to help you reduce costly denials. 

The planning process is simple and quick as well. Therapists can quickly make a comprehensive plan to address deficiences. The plan is the basis for all that follows. Good planning is the key to success.

Step 2 - Plan a RUG

If the payer uses Reimbursement levels, the manager can use the treatment plans entered by the therapists in Step 1 to fine tune the plan. We'll make it easy to make sure you won't be doing that COT OMRA. TheraStat makes hitting the target minutes easy and it only takes a few seconds per patient. For non-RUG payers, you can skip this step completely. TheraStat will automatically optimize your planned units and make sure you provide enough minutes to generate the units the therapist planned.

Step 3 - Schedule Therapy

TheraStat helps you to assign work to specific therapists. Based on the estimated number of hours you expect that therapist to work, you can have a good idea of the expected productivity. You can be sure that the minutes you assign will provide you with the best possible efficiency. After you print out the custom schedule for the therapist, expectations are crystal clear.

Step 4 - Record Therapy

This is where TheraStat really stands alone. TheraStat has two easy and efficient ways for therapists to record the therapy performed. The first is our new QuickEntry web technology. Therapists who follow the plan completely can document all therapy performed for an entire day in two mouse clicks! Deviations from the plan? No problem. Therapists can easily make changes and record them in seconds. The manager can simply use the planner to get the efficiency back where it belongs later.

We are also introducing QuickCodes, an industry first. With QuickCodes, therapists can text therapy to our servers and have it automatically recorded. Therapists receive a response text back, letting them know they have successfullly recorded therapy. If the plan is followed completely, a therapist can record an entire day of therapy in ONE text message! This usually takes less than one minute. We are taking productivity to the next level with this one. Therapists don't even need a computer to record therapy. Again, we handle plan deviations with ease and therapists can still text in all treatments. We promise you've never seen anything like this.